Who Are We?

Jennifer Dawn

I’m the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and Best Planner Ever. I’ve built two multi-million dollar businesses, am a published author, and accomplished speaker. My passion is teaching women to harness the power of planning so they can take back control of their lives and realize true success.

Jenna Knudsen

I help women succeed in the most important way possible, living a life they love, at Jenna Knudsen Coaching. Finances, family, friendships, and partnerships are all part of the equation of life. My passion is to help you pull back the layers of limiting beliefs and bring the fun back into your life again.

Ellen Goldman

My passion at Ellen G Coaching is motivating professional women struggling with issues such as life work balance, weight loss, stress management, getting in shape and other health related problems. I love energizing my clients to work toward achieving their optimum level of wellness for long-term success and happiness.

What's It Like Working With Us?

Jennifer knows how to meet you where you most need guidance by applying patience and understanding to your situation while still pushing you to pass boundaries and make progress. She’s helped me overcome long time limiting blocks that were holding me back. Ultimately working with her has led me to actually go live with my new business and make a reality of the dream that was living inside me. I couldn’t be happier about the progress I’ve made and the successes I am having now!

Patty Rose

Owner, Patty Rose

Jenna is an incredible mentor and coach! I have been awakened to “calm confidence” instead of anxiety and self imposed pressure as I grow.  She learned me inside out and knew exactly where I needed to take that next step of growth.  My WHY became clearer as I worked with Jenna; she helped me take the passion within my heart and put it into words to share with others.  Belief was built into me (that I had what it took to be the leader I desired to be) with every session.  She also taught the uptight part of me how to let go and have fun again. Jenna is absolutely the real deal.

Amy H.

Ellen is a terrific Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She is a great listener. She knows how to ask the tough questions; the ones that make you dig deep for answers. She works with you without judgment or censure. When you work with Ellen, you will meet your goals, strengthen your life and develop a friendship you would not have believed possible.

Donna K.

Jennifer Dawn is an amazing coach. She has taken me from an unorganized, creative mess to a business woman set on achieving success as an entrepreneur. Any opportunity to work with her should not be missed!

Dr. Jennifer Rhodes

Owner, Rapport Relationships

Jenna Knudsen was someone who I could really lay it all out to. She listened and wrote down all my struggles and things I was working on each week. She was also very helpful in boosting my spirits. During my time with Jenna I achieved a rank advancement in my company that I had been trying to achieve for months! She helped me believe in myself and go after my goals. I loved the accountability! Thanks Jenna.

Jolene F.

I connected with Jenna from the first introductory call. I was looking for a coach that came from the same place – love, fun, ease. I was looking for a guide to help me. I was looking for someone who could bring the best out in me all while having a blast. I have gained so much. So many tips, so much love, so much continued development. I really look forward to what the future holds with your coaching! Flying together, walking the stage together, trips together, ….this one life I have to live an extraordinary life with people I love and meet along the way while having fun is better because of you!

Kaci K.

Jennifer Dawn helped me realize my dream of being a business owner was not only possible but obtainable. My fear was replaced by inspiration and my visions became a reality. I couldn’t have imaged I’d be where I am now in life now but having the right guidance and coaching helped my confidence soar.
Michelle Vargas

Owner / LMT, The Well Tree

I’ve been feeling very healthy lately and have been making great food choices that reinforce my goals. I feel like I’m able to maintain this weight and activity level without a lot of effort. I think the changes that I’ve made in my diet, (eating more frequent, high protein snacks) has been key, and it’s been a direct result from working with you.

A. Robert

A lot of great things are going on in my life, many directly stemmed out of my coaching with Ellen. I appreciated so much her willingness to support me as things changed for me. With her help I learned to prioritize my time and achieve balance between my health, home, and career goals. The ongoing communication since our coaching program ended, and knowing her door is always open to me, fuels my confidence to sustain the changes I achieved, and continues to move me forward.

Dana M.

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