Adventure Retreats

Throughout the year we are please to offer in-person Adventure Retreats.

The truth is it’s very hard to “recharge our batteries” with the demands and pressures of modern life. Women especially end up working themselves into the ground, taking care of everybody else and putting their own needs last…
But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where an Outdoor Adventure Retreat can help…
Imagine totally unplugging from the “grid”. Forget all your concerns as your body unwinds and all your stress simply disappears. Explore the amazing wilderness with 8-10 like-minded women and challenge yourself to look deep within to discover all you can be…
Nature’s magical powers will fill you with strength, and invoke confidence to conquer any obstacle in life. It will leave you feeling empowered, fresh for your work, filled with new ideas and clarity, and ready to take your life to the next level.
Not only do you deserve a break, it’s critical for your own health and well being. So how do you recharge your batteries? Come join us for an Adventure Retreat!

Celebrate nature, adventure, and YOU all at once.

Journey on a path with other amazing women to discover new ideas to take your life and career to the next level. Your smile will remain with you until you arrive home and well beyond after attending this exceptional retreat.

**Special Bonus** Diana’s professional photography skills will provide you with professional photos from the trip to share with your family and friends!!

*You will be transferred to our partner website Bigger Picture RT. This amazing company is owned/operated by Diana Proemm. Her mission is to empower and inspire women around the world through Adventure Retreats – so we are in good hands!